*Cosmetic dentistry creates a positive, esthetic
change to your teeth and smile that improve your
*This may involve color, shade, position, size, or
shape of teeth.
*There are different types of restorations and
procedures that can be considered cosmetic.

Dental Veneers

*These restorations are extremely esthetic.
*The tooth is prepared to accommodate the depth
of the material used.
*Veneers may be used to repair tooth decay, mask
stains, or fix cracked or worn edges.

Direct Bonded Veneers

*These restorations may be done chairside.
* The material used is composite bonding.

*This is a very efficient procedure since it is less
expensive than a porcelain veneer because it
eliminates the lab cost.

Porcelain Veneers

*These are the most esthetic restorations
* The material used is a ceramic porcelain which is
very esthetic since it reflects light allowing the
restoration to resemble natural teeth.
*Fabricating these veneers involves a lab cost, so
are more expensive.
* May take longer to make
*These are seated on the teeth with a dental

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