Restorative dentistry encompasses the management and restoration of missing, damaged, or decayed teeth. When considering your individual needs, we explore options that will work best for you to maintain your oral health, stabilize your bite, and bring back functionality for chewing and speaking.

Your oral well-being matters. Some of the goals we have for restorative dentistry are:

Restoring unattractive spaces between teeth

This can be done with removable partial dentures, crown and bridge, or dental implants.

Improving or correcting an improper bite

Orthodontics, such as braces and aligners, may benefit you. We work closely with area orthodontists to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Preventing the loss of a tooth

The best way to prevent tooth loss is through ideal oral hygiene and regular dental exams.

Relieving dental pain

Has your jaw been hurting and you don’t know why? Do you get toothaches when eating or drinking? Dr.Wilson will diagnose and treat your dental pain to meet your needs.

Repairing damaged and decayed teeth

Some think the only way to fix a badly decayed tooth is through extraction. We will evaluate the most conservative route to restore your teeth.

Replacing old, unattractive dental restorations

Old silver fillings, crowns, and partial dentures that just don’t fit anymore can all be fixed with restorative dentistry at our office.

Restoring normal eating and chewing

Do you have missing, painful, or broken teeth? Not being able to eat the foods you love impacts your quality of life! We can help you restore that basic joy in life.

Preventive care

Of course, the best way to keep your oral health in order is through prevention. Good hygiene habits are essential: brushing and flossing daily, limiting sugar intake, avoiding tobacco, and seeing your hygienist regularly to maintain your dental health.

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Our goal is to consider each patient as an individual. We strive to evaluate each person’s dental health based on thorough clinical, radiographic, and periodontal examinations. We want to prevent, restore, and maintain your oral health to minimize any future dental issues. We believe in offering options in order to work with each person’s individual situation. Again, our focus is to partner with you in managing the well-being of your oral health for the long term.

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